The syllabus reinvented

A dynamic education tool for student-centred learning

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A Living Roadmap

Teachers need to clearly communicate learning expectations. A dynamic interface allows them to easily add, edit or rearrange goals. Students always know what is happening, where they are going and where they have been.

Continual Self-Assessment

Successful students think about their own learning, monitor their understanding and assume responsibility for their education. Curri encourages students to be engaged in ongoing self-assessment using learning expectations and success criteria. When things really do get out of hand Curri has a private “raise your hand” feature that places students in a queue to get help.

Progress Tracking

At a glance, students can identify their level of mastery of any given classroom. Teachers can visualize what expectations students are having the most trouble with and take timely action. The powerful phases feature shows how student understanding evolves during the learning process.